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With the classic show lasers of the MetrixLine, it is possible to display clear geometrical patterns and figures without any difficulties due to the high-speed motors. Furthermore, with yellow, pink or cyan, selected models of this line provide fresh new colours. The units are conveniently controlled via DMX, music-controlled via an integrated adjustable microphone or via preset programmes. Thus, the units of the MetrixLine are ideally suited for clubs or discotheques and provide most impressive lighting effects.

Show laser effect unit,

with a red laser (150 mW), a green laser (50 mW) and a blue laser (80 mW). The unit can be controlled via DMX or be activated via sound. High-speed scanner motors (speed of scanner: 15,000 points/s) allow for a clear display of graphical patterns and figures. With DMX512 interface (17 DMX channels) and operation in stand-alone mode, music-controlled via the integrated adjustable microphone or preprogrammed. 80 basic patterns can immediately be activated via DMX or infrared remote control. The master/slave function allows for a simultaneous operation of several units. The address can be adjusted via menu buttons, indication via LED display. Including key-operated switch for a safe operation and aluminium housing with movable mounting bracket and eyelet bolt for fastening a safety rope. The unit is a class 3B laser. Supplied with infrared remote control for controlling the basic patterns.

Class 3B Lasers


The accessible laser radiation is hazardous to the human eye, often also to the skin! It is dangerous to look directly into the beam of class 3B lasers. It may be possible to view a beam safely via a diffusing reflector.

When using a class 3B laser, the operator has to appoint a laser safety officer in writing (BGV B2 = German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association regulation B2)! Laser safety officers must have requisite qualifications!

An approval is required for class 3B lasers!





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