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PA-høyttaler aktiv DSP 600W
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State-of-the-art DSP-controlled Digital Amplifier Technology,

combined with high-performance speakers from Beyma and Faital accommodated in cabinets of first-class workmanship provide a performance which has not yet been achieved with standard active speaker systems. The integrated DSP is programmed via Ethernet LAN connection and a user-friendly software. With the free app DSP-Control for iOS and Android, this impressive system can also conveniently be controlled via network using WLAN. Switches and router are used for the central administration, grouping as well as for the individual programming and tuning of any number of MEGA-DSP systems. The user can store up to 80 presets in the active DSP module and activate them directly at the speaker. In user mode, it is possible to adjust up to 10 equalizers with 8 filter functions, delay, limiter, gain and low cut as well as load and store presets for each input. Each speaker of the MEGA-DSP series is equipped with the same high-power 2-channel amplifier system which features a total power capability of more than 600 W. This high performance is matched internally to the different models of the MEGA-DSP series via DSP in order to achieve the maximum sound pressure.

Professional active DSP speaker system with 2-channel amplifier, 600 W



  • Compact 15/2 full range system with cabinet made of birch plywood
  • DSP-controlled amplifier (bass: class D, tweeter: class A/B)
  • Max. sound pressure at nominal power: 123 dB, music: 126 dB, peak: 129 dB
  • Sample frequency: 65 kHz and 64-bit technology
  • Programming and administration via Ethernet LAN connection and control software
  • With the control software, the following parameters can be adjusted:



    • Activating and storing presets
    • 10 equalizers for each channel with the filter functions: bell, notch, all-pass, low-shelf, high-shelf, band-pass, high-pass, low-pass
    • Delay
    • Limiter
    • Gain control for each input
    • Master volume
    • Low cut filter

  • 5 presets available
  • Up to 80 presets can be activated directly at the speaker, no software required
  • 38 cm (15", BEYMA) bass speaker and 25 mm (1", 44 mm voice coil, BEYMA) horn tweeter
  • High-quality coating and neat workmanship
  • Multi-purpose positioning and installation options
  • Horn tweeter with an even beaming, can be turned by 90°
  • M8 threaded inserts for suspended installation, stand sleeve
  • 2 x balanced line/mic inputs and parallel outputs A and B
  • 1 x unbalanced input RCA L/R
  • 1 x balanced output Mix A+B
  • Auto power on/off with LED indication
  • POWERCON mains connection and POWERCON parallel output
  • Ball-proof acc. to DIN 18032, Part 3
  • 95

"In order to fully utilise this speaker system you should learn a little about sound design. If you do this, this series can surely be called professional and trendsetting. Regardless of whether sound, performance, workmanship or technical capabilities: everything is top! ... definitely worth buying!", October 2013

"The MEGA-DSP15 from IMG Stage Line is a fantastic PA speaker system meeting professional requirements. It offers top features and a neat workmanship. The power amplifiers provide a perfectly tuned performance. Even though this level has to be reached quickly, the speaker delivers a crisp and precise bass reproduction without fluttering. A crystal clear reproduction also of the midrange. The reproduction of the high frequencies is powerful but by no means high-pitched. On their own, these speakers already provide a well-balanced and transparent as well as a very powerful and durable sound. The integrated DSP-controlled sound management system turns the MEGA-DSP15 into something really special. The intuitive and practice-orientated control software which can also be used by MAC users ensures a top performance of these PA speaker systems. In this class, the flexibility and convenient operation set standards. Last but not least, the MEGA-DSP15 is also available at a very attractive price ... The MEGA-DSP15 from IMG Stage Line is definitely worth buying and no doubt deserves the maximum points given in the test report on ... five of five possible points."


"During the practical test, the test candidates (MEGA-DSP15 & MEGA-118SUBAK) showed that a professional performance can already be provided at an attractive price. The internal DSP of the MEGA-DSP15 is a real highlight and provides various adjustment facilities. ... due to their performance and sound characteristics, they are ideally suited for an application at small to medium-sized events. They are not only suitable for bands and solo entertainers, but could also be interesting for clubs, event organisers and hire companies."

+ Robust and appealing design

+ Good price-performance ratio

+ Remote-controllable via LAN (MEGA-DSP15)





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