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With the 2-way Active Systems and the Subwoofers of the SOUND Series,

efficient speakers with a powerful sound are available in different sizes and with different features. They are all integrated into high-quality bass-reflex MDF cabinets and feature speakers with magnetic shielding. The speaker systems are ideally suited as active hi-fi speaker systems, high-end PC speakers and for small PA applications requiring a powerful sound, e.g. media presentations.


Pair of high-quality active speakers, 2 x 50 W



  • 2-way active switching for each speaker system with separate power amplifiers for bass speaker and tweeter (bi-amping)
  • Amplifier output power: bass speaker: 30 W, tweeter: 20 W
  • High-quality bass-reflex MDF cabinet with black lacquered surface
  • 16 cm bass-midrange speaker with glass fibre cone and 25 mm soft dome tweeter
  • Tweeter power amplifier with switchable adjustment allows fine adjustment of tweeter level without any losses in the level (-2/-1/0/+1 dB)
  • Each speaker system is equipped with an unbalanced RCA input, a balanced XLR input and a jack input (6.3 mm), each to be adjusted via gain control
  • Including speaker grille, magnetically attached


HiFiTest 04/2012

Price-performance: excellent. Overall score: 1.3. This speaker is great fun when listening to music. With their crystal clear and dynamic sound and the practice-orientated features, these active speakers provide a professional performance. The SOUND-65/SW from IMG Stage Line are available at an incredibly attractive price per pair which is almost unbeatable. Thus, they are totally recommendable!


BEAT 01/2010

"For home recordings or AV presentations, as a monitor speaker for audio and video editing or as a high-quality PC speaker, the SOUND-65/SW offers a price-performance ratio which is almost unbeatable."


XOUND 04/2009

"Great sound at an attractive price. The SOUND-65/SW provides an amazingly well-balanced complete sound and a more than convincing stereophony, too. No matter if used as a main monitor in a project studio, for on-the-road applications or as a second monitor in a professional studio, this is an alternative worth thinking about."



"Workmanship and details leave the best possible impression. A speaker system designed by expert enthusiasts. Smaller speaker systems of impressive brands which are available at a comparable price lose against the one from IMG Stage Line. For the project studio, the speaker system provides a full range reproduction of excellent quality. This active speaker system can surely be recommended as a hi-fi speaker system to friends and acquaintances.


AV-views 01/2009

"A thoroughly effective active speaker which improves every performance. Also ideally suited for studio applications and all that available at a downright attractive price."





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