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Varenr. 23.6950



Large diaphragm condenser microphone,
for professional studio applications.

  • Compact design
  • 2.5 cm (1") extra thin gold-plated diaphragm
  • 48 V phantom power
  • Supplied with microphone support with 16 mm (⅝") tripod socket and 9 mm (⅜") adapter screw and leather bag 02/2018
“Large diaphragm condenser microphone of compact size with cardioid polar pattern. The ECMS-60 from IMG STAGELINE is a particularly space-saving microphone which is very well-suited for mounting onto a stand. It provides a flawless sound for this price class: low noise, well-balanced and a great level of detail. The microphone is of neat workmanship and features a well-dosed proximity effect.
Who is it for™ It is suitable for beginners up to semi-professionals who are looking for a compact microphone for solo parts and podcasts.”
recording magazin 02/2019
“A fine studio microphone with accessories which is available at an attractive price and, of course, suitable for stage applications. The excellent workmanship, perfectly satisfying sound quality and the low internal noise are outstanding.”






ECMS-serien fra IMG

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