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Dynamisk mikrofon
Varenr. 23.6550
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Dynamic microphone,
vintage style.

  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Dual microphone cartridges for an authentic sound
  • Innovative cartridge suspension with excellent attenuation characteristics
  • Robust zinc body of high quality
  • Low-noise on/off switch

tools4music 02/2017
“A genuine vintage vocal microphone for stage applications which is able to provide an impressive technology due to the high sound pressure level and does not only look great in front of a guitar amplifier.”
“With this microphone, the voice can be accentuated a little by lifting the high and low frequencies, thus creating an overall pleasant, full and powerful sound as well as being enriched with the silky high frequencies which are highly sought after in audio engineering. The DM-101 is very well-suited for voice reproductions and as a vocal microphone for live performances. It shows its full potential during expressive vocal parts ensuring an intimate and authentic sound which is sure to touch your soul.” 06/2017
“Dynamic vintage vocal microphone with supercardioid polar pattern. The DM-101 from IMG STAGELINE is a real eye-catcher, reminding us of the aesthetic look from the 50s and 60s. It provides a warm and rich sound which can definitely be noticed when utilising the proximity effect. It is very distinct thanks to the supercardioid polar pattern which ensures a low susceptibility to acoustic feedback. It effectively avoids structure-borne noise and delivers a first-class performance. Overall, highly recommendable.”





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