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TVI/AHD modul kamera
Varenr. 18.4890



HYBRID Line modular colour camera

  • Fixed-focus pinhole lens (3.7 mm)
  • Progressive scan image sensor for images without field distortions
  • Digital noise reduction (DNR) for improving the image quality in unfavourable lighting conditions and also for saving hard disk capacities when recording with digital recorders
  • Due to the extended dynamic range of the wide dynamic range function (DWDR), an application is also possible in unfavourable backlighting conditions
  • Privacy masking function, 4 zones
  • Video motion detector function
  • Multilingual on-screen menu control (OSD)
  • 75 cm connection cable for power supply and video (BNC) with integrated joystick for selecting camera technology
  • Supplied with camera mount
  • Matching power supply (PSS-1205DC) is available at option





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