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2-channel limiter, with logging function.


The SPL5TS is the enhanced version of the SPL3; the audio level is monitored by means of a microphone; the microcontroller continuously measures the microphone-level and attenuates the output level as much as necessary to keep the sound level below the given threshold.


The SPL5TS can be used in live-situations to monitor the audio level produced by a live-band, and sanction is necessary by cutting off the mains voltage or give an optical indication to the band. In a non-live situation, so music played over the PA-equipment the SPL5TS is inserted after the mixer, and before the amplifiers. It uses the microphone to determine the audio level, and attenuates the output level is required.


New in the SPL5TS is the possibility to store the sound-level data, and event history over a period of two months. Besides a limiter the SPL5TS acts as a decibell logger. With the PC-software the limiters memory can be read out. Configuring the limiter is done with the same software. But before it becomes possible to make any changes this software has to be registered; this makes it impossible for un-authorised people to alter the limiters configuration.


With the built in clock/ timer, it is possible to program a completely different sound level at different periods of the day. The built in calendar allows you to program a list of 10 dates to switch the limiter to bypass automatically. All these settings can be adjusted by using the PC-software.


This PC-software makes it possible to control the limiter over a computer-network, and even over the Internet!


Notice! Installer license (free) can be required here






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