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PA-monitor aktiv 200Wmax
Varenr. 25.9590



Small, lightweight, compact, yet amazingly powerful. This active speaker system is highly versatile and particularly well suited for monitoring, side fill, front fill and rear fill applications due to its clear and powerful reproduction. It is also suitable wherever a powerful sound is required despite the limited space available.

Active PA stage monitor speaker system, 100 W

  • Flat and very compact full range system
  • Fitted with 2 x 10 cm (FaitalPRO, 2 x 4") full range speaker with neodymium magnets
  • Class D amplifier system
  • Sound pressure at nominal power: 116 dB 
  • Indication of signal and limiter
  • Volume control and tone control
  • Balanced line or mic input and feed-through output
  • High-quality multiplex wooden cabinet with protective metal grille
  • 2 x M10 and 2 x M6 threaded inserts for stand adapter or mounting device
  • Supplied with clamp for mounting e.g. onto a microphone stand

"The FLAT-M100" is a real space-saving solution with an impressive power capability. Compact, lightweight, easy to use yet powerful. This mini monitor should soon become part of the inventory for singer-song writers and smaller clubs."






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