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Trådløs receiver
Varenr. 25.9570



16-channel wireless PA audio receiver,
with UHF PLL technology.

  • For analogue wireless transmission of line audio signals in PA systems
  • Frequency range: 823-832 MHz
  • 16 pre-programmed channels, selectable
  • Up to 8 intermodulation-free channels
  • Audio transmission range: 30-17,000 Hz
  • Multiple receivers FLY-16R can be operated via one transmitter FLY-16T
  • Indication for channel and battery status
  • 3-pole XLR jack
  • Power supply via 1 x 1.5 V battery AA size (not supplied) or micro USB jack (5 V/150 mA)
  • Supplied with USB cable
  • Dimensions: 22 x 23 x 102 mm

There are restrictions or requirements within the EU!
Please read the notes regarding wireless systems in the section “IMPORTANT INFORMATION”!
tools4music 01/2019
“An elegant solution for an irritating problem. Both time advantage and benefits for practical application are huge, especially when controlling the delay lines or for multi-room applications.”
“Simple transmission path for line signals. The FLY-16SET from IMG STAGELINE is a very compact, lightweight and easy-to-use wireless system for line signals which provides a perfect sound. The operation is licence-free in the EU. During our tests, the wireless connection has always been reliable and interference-free. The power is provided either via standard batteries AA size or via the supplied micro USB cable.”
“Wireless system for audio line signals which is suitable for general applications. The signal quality absolutely meets professional requirements and can also be used for the transmission of master signals.”
OKEY 148
“Sometimes, it is the little things that make a musician's life a lot easier. During the test, the FLY-16 has really become one of our favourites. It is both practical and reliable [...] highly convenient systems. Even our active mobile phones did not interfere with the signal paths.”





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