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Our orchestra series with standard paper cone has been redeveloped using the know-how by ETON. The special radial reinforcement ribs and long-fibred paper compound with high damping does not only achieve an individual look; it also generates an undistorted and clear pulsed reproduction, even at high volume levels. The special paper compound prevents moding and thus, ensures a homogeneous reproduction of any frequency range possible. The midrange speakers and bass speakers of the Orchestra series feature a warm and natural sound. This results in a well-defined and well-balanced midrange. With a voluminous and vivid bass reproduction, our orchestra series is also very impressive in the low bass frequency range. Multiple ventilation of the ferrite drive and an aerodynamically efficient design of the diecast basket ensure that compression effects are reduced to a minimum. The Orchestra series is a reinterpretation of sound with classic materials - Made in Germany.
High-end hi-fi bass speaker, 150 W, 8 Ω

  • 30.5 cm (12") standard bass speaker for 3-way systems
  • Ribbed cone geometry, paper version
  • Very precise bass reproduction
  • Reaches lowest bass frequencies
  • Lively sound






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