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Trådløst mikrofonsett 2.4
Varenr. 25.4090



With the TXS-2402SET,
the entry into the world of digital wireless transmission will become a special sound experience. The signal transmission in the 2.4 GHz range is particularly stable and impresses by a high resistance to interference. The system manages without a compander which results in an incredibly dynamic efficiency and a voice transmission with a unique sound quality. Two systems can be used in parallel operation, thus 4 microphone transmission paths can be used simultaneously. Licence-free system. The particularly easy and convenient use of the units and appealing design make the TXS-2402SET a real digital experience for the user.
Digital wireless 2-channel PLL microphone system, 2.4 GHz

  • 2 microphone transmitters, 1 receiver, 1 plug-in PSU
  • High resistance to interference due to digital transmission
  • 2 systems can be used in parallel (corresponds to 4 microphone transmission paths)
  • 16 frequencies (2,404-2,476 MHz) for each channel can be selected at the transmitter
  • Wireless auto-configuration of the receiver
  • Volume control for each channel
  • 6.3 mm output for mixed signal
  • Microphone cartridges of supercardiod characteristic

Licence-free in the EU.
tastenwelt 06/2012
“An entry-level wireless system with a perfectly functioning technology.”
+ Easy operation
+ Well-balanced hand-held transmitter





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